Friday Heat Check: PinkPantheress, Junior Varsity, Marquis Filthy, and More!


The hottest records that drop every Friday are here!

Cold Blood by Junior Varsity 

Junior Varsity has been a name that I’ve been hearing about for a few months, but they had no music released to their name. Well, “Cold Blood” changes that, and it’s a bop! The record is an anti-pop banger, with a larger-than-life chorus! This is perfect for any playlist, and you need to check it out below!

Break it Off by PinkPantheress

This record was released last week but had been having a viral moment over this past one. “Break it Off” has amassed over a million plays in that period, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. This is one of my favorite songs at the moment, and I’ve had it on loop consistently since its release. PinkPatheress is someone I have on my radar and is anticipating the next single! Check out this groovy track below!

Lost by Marquis Filthy

Marquis Filthy has been grinding for a minute, and the growth in his music is impressive. “Lost” is the antithesis of smooth hip-hop. The production is tranquil and gives Filthy the perfect backdrop to spit these thoughtful bars. Not to mention the video is top tier as well directed by High Noone Productions. These two make for some exciting art and have so much to give to Hip-Hop. 

Inhaled by Ahmad Anonimis

Ahmad has come up consistently on my Twitter feed from ShrekKnowsRap championing him, and his new single “Inhaled” makes all the support justifiable. This record is fun and has some elastic flows that are infectious. The melodic nature of the record makes it an easy and enjoyable listen. 

Yeah Cool by FXXXXY ft Lil Uzi Vert

“Yeah Cool” is FXXXXY’s first posthumous release, and it’s a record that only solidifies his legacy. The beat is hard, and overblowing makes for a perfect space for FXXXXY and Lil Uzi to get some bars off. This one of Uzi’s best features in a minute; Check it out below!

Ali by Mustafa

Mustafa is back, and his voice is more angelic than ever. “Ali” is an expressive singer/songwriter ballad, where his pen game stands out to me. The sincere words he puts into this record are so intimate and bring you to his world. It’s hard not to get into your feelings when enjoying this record. 


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