Massachusetts Finest: Volume 1


Massachusetts’ music scene has been underrated forever. However, this hotbed of music in New England has too many gems. I wanted to highlight ten musicians that I think are doing some dope stuff coming out of the state! There are way more than ten artists that I’ve been enjoying lately, and don’t stress you’ll be on the following list! This is only my opinion! 


Connis has been a guy that I’ve seen perform a few times around Boston, and his music is superb. Combining lofi and hip-hop makes his style a standout in the state, and singles like “SPF 30” have been in my rotation for months now. Check it out below!

Luke Bar$   

Good Evil is one the best projects to come out of the state. “Die with Pride” is a stellar record, and I feel only touch the surface of Bar$ creativity. I’m excited to see what is to come next!

Saint Lyor 

“Holdupwaitaminutedon’tspillthatdusseonme” is one the hardest opening lines to a record I’ve heard. Saint Lyor has been growing a buzz as of late, and it’s well deserved. His latest project is high energy with some witty one-liners and catchy flows. He has major charisma; check him out below.

Dutch ReBelle 

You can’t discuss the Boston music scene without mentioning Dutch ReBelle. She’s been a staple out in Boston, and her music has only been getting better with time. Dutch is a rapper’s rapper and one of the best hip-hop artists I’ve gotten to see perform! Check out “Stony” and be impressed! 


If you haven’t heard of the Palm Trees EP, what are you doing! Lucas has a knack for intimate songwriting and creative flows. With a mellow demeanor and furious bars, I’m excited for the upcoming project he’s been alluding to! 

Vintage Lee

Finding success in early 2017 with her Pimp EP, Vintage Lee has been a consistent contributor to the Massachusetts music culture. Making party-friendly music that will have everyone at the function up on their feet. Lee is a ball of energy, but find out for yourself below!

Brevin Kim

This isn’t the brother duo’s first time being on the Daily Chiefers site, but they are too talented not to be highlighted. Brevin Kim is making waves in the hyper-pop and contemporary pop landscape and creating some of the most cutting-edge music that’s being released. These guys have a bright future ahead of themselves.

$ean Wire

$ean Wire jumps from alternative R&B and Hip-Hop at ease. Making for a refreshing take on one of my favorite styles of music. Cuts like “Somethin'” and “Creator” are standouts for me. With this type of ability, it is only a matter of time until something really takes off.

Danny Diamonds 

Danny Diamonds’ style of hip-hop always brings me to the beach. The smooth melodies he catches over bubbly production define his sound, but it only scratches his artistry surface. “Calico” is a smooth track that has some trippy production by Norwegian producer KLÖTS. This is Diamonds first release in some time, and it’s a statement piece. This is a track you listen to late at night in the whip, with the summer air coming through the windows. I’m excited that he’s back, and I need more music already!


BoriRock makes some of the most gutter music in Massachusetts. His hard-hitting lines and classic production make for an engaging listen and a few chuckles. BoriRock adds personality on every one of his records and is just a character (His ad-libs are insane). I would have never found out about BoriRock if it wasn’t for Shamus Hill (AKA DJ Famous Shamus); his article is linked here! Also, I feel like it’s the perfect time to highlight all the dope work that Mass Music Radio has been putting and pushing the culture forward! Salute! 


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