Heath240 Is Here To Stay With His Cinematic Frames For “Live”


Yes, Heath is a part of the Daily Chiefers family, but we don’t co-sign anything unless it’s truly brilliant. And in these shots for his latest effort “Live”, we see an artist blossoming in front of and behind the camera. The framing of each shot is what separates this video from the pack. Straying afar from the quintessential formula for rap videos, Heath decides to take the high road in his own poignant way.

The songwriting isn’t overly complicated and instead focuses on the feeling that’s involved. Heath delivers his sermon in an intoxicating fashion, truly grasping our attention from start to finish. While the direction and editing was handled by the bro himself, he had some additional help. With director of photography, John Luna, Alex Jimenez on color, and PA, Andrea Zambrano, this team translated their talents into a real visual masterpiece.

We’ll get out of the way and let you explore this wondrous moment, stream it all below.


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