Fresh Finds: Lancey Foux, Jelani Imani, AQ And More


Here’s another fresh batch of finds that the team found to keep you current on the best waves. From Lancey and Matt, to Jelani Imani, 3 Bleu and many more. We sift through the bullshit to bring you the best, so peep the gas below.

Based by Lancey Foux & Matt Ox

This record is a high-energy track that Lancey Foux and Matt Ox give stellar performances on. Foux‘s looming/dark production and the sparse vocal delivery give the record a very atmospheric feel. Matt Ox provides an outstanding feature bringing some aggressive bars to the record! 

Boba Fett by Easy Grimm

Easy Grimm easily gives one of his best offerings with “Boba Fett”! The melodic flows he catches over the chattering hi-hats are phenomenal. Plus, the music video is out of this world with illustrations done by Kenneth Christian. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen.

3 Am by E Bleu

If you are looking for some smooth hip-hop-infused r&b, “3 Am” is the record for you. E Bleu gives us some lovesick bars over a dancey beat, and it’s irresistible. I’ve been playing this for the past week, and it doesn’t get old. I recommend this track! 

Fax Fasho by Jelani Imani ft Noah Scott

As I’ve already stated, I’m a fan of Jelani Imani, and “Fax Fasho” only adds to the list of things I love about his music. This is a melodic record over some snappy production. However, the way he uses his vocals is uncanny and is super unique to JelaniNoah Scott also gives a fire verse that offers a more traditional ATL feeling to the record. This is a must-listen! 

Bubble Boi by AQ

“Bubble Boi” is a record for the summer! AQ gave us a bop that should be played at high volumes at all the pool parties this year. This is a fun, light-hearted track that shows not only can he rap but also sing. I’d make sure to add this to your summer tunes playlist.

Madrid by Daniel Price

We finally get the long-awaited visuals for “Madrid,” and I’m more than satisfied. The personal cut from Daniel Price’s EP Mirrored Youth has been a fan favorite for some time. This creative video shows Daniel lost in the Big Apple and making a suitable aesthetic for the song. BIG VIBES!


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