Friday Heat Check: Sonder, Tierra Whack, Hong Kong Boyfriend, and More!


So on our new series Friday Heat Check, we are here to sift through the bullshit and only provide the the people the highest of quality music. Yes we know it’s Sunday and we’re publishing this, but guess what? Nobody cares what you think, quit being so negative. Peep all this gas below and we’ll talk to you soon.

Nobody But You by Sonder Ft. Jorja Smith

Sonder is back in a significant way! This is a smooth, soulful R&B cut discussing being in love with a narcissist. The beautiful harmonizes created by Brent Fiyaz and Jorja Smith are so sticky and sweet. Especially during the refrain, “Don’t think you cared about me, but you don’t care about nobody”. This is a track that needs to go right in your playlist! 

Link by Tierra Whack

With her one-of-a-kind personality, Tierra Whack gives her fans the record “Link”. Making for a fun bouncy hip-hop track where Whack flows her ass off, jumping from topic to topic! This is a fun listen, and I urge you guys to check it out! 

Sharlene by Hong Kong Boyfriend

I feel this is easily one of Hong Kong Boyfriend’s catchiest tunes as of yet! Mixing Hip-Hop, R&B, and Indie, this a perfect combination of styles and makes for one ear-grabbing record. I bet you, after one listens, you will be hooked like I am! Check it out below!

Purple by Unusual Demont

Unusual Demont dropped “Purple”, and I’ve been listening to it each day! I was transported back to my childhood with the harmonies on the hook. I feel like I’m in the back of my mom’s car as she plays D’angeloo or Maxwell! This guy is up next, and make sure you are on the wave before it’s too late!

Stain by Westside Gunn

“Stain” is a gritty hip-hop track where Westside Gunn goes nuts for the whole duration. Utilizing inner rhyme schemes, he effortlessly floats over the classic boom-bap instrumental. This is the type of rap I need in my life! There’s no question why Westside Gunn is one of the best rappers out now!



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