Friday Heat Check: ssgkobe, Deb Never, Lil Yachty & More


Again by ssgkobe

ssgkobe has steadily been creating a buzz over the past months. With the co-sign of Lyrical Lemonade, I was anticipating his project KO. All the records on the project are insane, but “Again” stood out to me as a true expression of his creativity. It’s a perfect reflection of his versatility.

Sorry by Deb Never

“Sorry” is easily one of my favorite tracks from Deb Never. We get some stoic guitars and lyrics about being fucked up while trying to get over someone on the record. Maybe this hits home because I recently went through a breakup, but It’s a song to check out!

G.I Joe by Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty hasn’t been this animated in a minute, and it’s refreshing. Michigan Boy Boat is a project with some of Yachty‘s best bars and rapping. “G.I. Joe” is one of the few melodic cuts but holds weight. This is just a fun record with a good vibe I can see, being a great track at a party.

If You Care by Q

is a growing name in the R&B landscape, dropping countless records for the past year or two. “If You Care” is his personal favorite in his catalog, and it’s hard to disagree. Words can’t describe the unique vocal layering and ideas on the track, so just listen and form your own opinions.

Skeletons by Easy Life

The rollout for “Skeletons” has been exciting to watch as a fan. They showcased the groovy dance track on Jimmy Kimmel, and a few later dropped the official visuals. This is a direction I wasn’t expecting Easy Life to go into, but it’s something I want them to lean more into after this single.

Numb by Tom Odell (Ft Zaia)

Tom Odell has dropped the remix to “Numb” with a feature with Zaia. This is a moody piece that has some excellent lyricism. The poetic nature of the lyrics makes it hard to resist. Zaia gives an astounding performance and provides the track with the movement needed to keep it interesting.