Friday Heat Check: Vintage Lee, Charlieonnafriday, Clark D, and More!


B2B by Vintage Lee

Coming off a career-high of getting a song placement on the hit tv show Euphoria, Vintage Lee shows there are no days off with the new single “B2B”. This record is slick trap-inspired, and Lee pulls off an equally flowy verse. This song is high-energy and will have you in the mood to go out in no time. This song shows Vintage Lee’s skill set progression, and I’m excited to see what’s to come.

On my own by charlieonnafriday

charlieonnafriday is masterful at crafting the catchiest records, and “On My Own” is no different. I was immersed in the bounce cadences and hypnotizing melodies upon my first listen. I can easily see this song going and hitting the charts with the right push. This is the perfect combination of Hip-Hop and Pop and is much needed in the current music climate.

Love Life by Clark D

Clark D just dropped the Cap Pack EP, and it’s masterful. “Love Life” happens to be my personal favorite, but I suggest you listen to the whole project. However, we get one of Clark’s catchiest hooks to date on this record. The first part is some melodic “yeahs,” and that morphs into some bars about being loved for who you are and where you’re at. I love the message, and I love that it comes across ins such a poignant way. This is an excellent record; Y’all need to get hip!

GP$ Location by Eym Fresh

Eym Fresh has been putting work in for years and is only getting more well-versed as time goes on. “GP$ Location” is an intoxicating banger with wavy production and clean flows. Once this record is turned on, vibes increase by 50%, and You’ll need to keep it on repeat. I love the references that are made throughout the verses, and I think this is a start of a hot 2022 for Eym.

Mr.Put It On by AG Club 

“Mr.Put It On” is an ode to loving music and being the person to put all your friends on to that new stuff. AG Club did something with the song concept, and I found it very refreshing and unique. I love how the idea branches out to even putting your city on. The song concept itself is fantastic, but the song sounds even better. This is easily one of my favorite songs from the group in. a minute. The bombastic production and aggressive flows; are as rambunctious as ever. This is a lovely song; check it out.

Hold Me Down by Remember Property

Remember Property just came across my radar with this release, and it’s magnificent. “Hold Me Down” is a slow jam R&B cut that sets the mood for intimacy. The songwriting is top tier, being vulnerable and detailed. I love the sweet guitar licks that are laced through the track. I’m hoping to go deeper in his catalog, but I feel like Remember Property will be someone I pay attention to all 2022.


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