Shaudy Kash’s Smooth Flow and Wordplay Shine on His Latest Visual for “Can’t Make This Shit Up 2”


Detroit rap is having a major moment right now, both in terms of having many artists from their city rising to the pinnacle of music’s mainstream, but as well as influencing the style of different rappers from coast to coast, either changing up their sound to be more similar to the fast-paced bounce of Detroit, or just hopping on their type beats altogether. However, the flavor produced by Detroit music cannot be easily replicated and aside from being sprinkled into different existing regional styles, certainly cannot be innovated upon.

This is what makes Detroit artist Shaudy Kash so special, as he has managed to put his own unique spin on the Detroit flow, taking a nod from many of his peers whose subject matter relates much more to explaining a hustler’s mind state and giving the blueprint to success than something as narrowly focused as drill music and its bastardizations have become. Shaudy Kash‘s latest project I Can’t Make This Shit Up is the latest installment in what is becoming a prolific catalog for the young artist and he lands himself in our pages today with a new visual bearing the same title as the mixtape. Brought to life by his frequent collaborator Big4Boogie, this track is indicative of all of the qualities that make his music so appealing and reveal his outlook and maturity which are both characteristics of Shaudy that ought to be emulated by all. He sweet talks the beat from the moment it drops and reveals his nonchalant attitude that permeates across every track and I am sure we are only going to see more and more of this in 2022.


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