GF Anon Drops Off His Album “BluMan”


In a world where modern music seems to be at a peculiar point, we need a cleanse for our auditory pallets. This is where GF Anon steps in with his new project BluMan (Special Edition), a vivid cornucopia of soul chops and precise punchlines. With a heavy amount of music and 23 tracks, for the world to digest and live with, it may seem like a ton of music from a distance. But GF has included the instrumentals to give the ear an extra treat.

With this Camden, New Jersey-bred emcee’s perspective shaping the music he makes below, it’s astounding to hear the varietals he can push his waves to. Personal favorites that stand out on the project include “Price Of Admission”, “At Last”, “Truman” and “Mother”. Though those make the biggest initial impression, each cut adds to the epic cohesion. GF Anon is on to something, don’t sleep.


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