glvsshouse’s Delivers Gut-Wrenching New Track “Games”


Boston singer glvsshouse‘s new song “Games” is guaranteed to be a staple of your duffle bag playlist. The Olympus Projects signee uses a mix of somber and strained vocals on the chorus to convey the discontentment of being dumped by someone you thought you had something with.

Despite only releasing music for a year, glvsshouse has already accrued a collection of singles two projects titled Vacant and Thank You, Have A Terrible Life. The singer’s ability to switch up his style effortlessly from pop to R&B to rock, among several other genres, sets him apart from much of the popular melodic music we hear today. If glvsshouse is a new name for you, consider checking out “Hotel”, “Freezer”, and “One”, you won’t regret it! Tap in.


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