Get Hip to These SoundCloud Rising Stars


SoundCloud remains my favorite app for finding new music despite the TikTok takeover. I think there is an entire new SoundCloud generation rising under leaders like SoFaygo, ssgkobe, and Ken Car$on to name a few. With this new SoundCloud wave comes a new style consisting of high energy, futuristic production along with just the right amount of autotune. With any emergence of a sub-genre comes plenty of new artists pushing the boundaries to make a name for themselves. We chose five artists emerging out of this SoundCloud wave that have serious potential to impact the industry.

Rich Amiri

Coming out of Boston, MA, Rich Amiri has dropped several tracks on SoundCloud displaying his distinctive voice and very smooth melodic flows. He has been releasing for about a year now, gathering a solid amount of streams and continuing to show his versatile range. I linked one of my favorite tracks “Hunters” produced by Spill below. Tap into the catchy track and Rich Amiri ASAP.


Although JDN has only put out a few tracks, his hard flows have enabled his buzzing presence within the SoundCloud community. Hailing out of West Palm Beach, FL, JDN raps very confidently over hard beats making for banger after banger. His most popular track “Okay Den” is super fire, filled with extremely hard-hitting drums and two more slapping verses from BabySantana and Xanephine. Check out JDN and this heater below.


PCAJAY looks young but you wouldn’t know that from his music. He has a multitude of rapping skills that is extremely impressive. His discography features many different songs highlighting his ability to match hard beats and go slower. He has been dropping for about a year and has racked up a steady amount of streams in the process. One of my favorite tracks by him titled “Paranoia” features a dope drill-type beat produced by Katlightning, and the song really highlights PCAJAY’s ability to float on just about any track. His ranges continue to develop and we are very excited to watch him in the future. In the meantime, tap into “Paranoia” below.

Eli Juggz

Eli Juggz is very melodic and keeps it real creating for refreshing music. Hailing out of NYC, Eli has only been dropping for a few months and has put out solid songs within this time frame. “Addicted” highlights his ability to sing with a very genuine, passionate tone as he raps about his struggles coming up and his aspirations for the future. Tap in below to the super catchy track produced by the talented Benjicold.


Sanfazos only has a few tracks and dropped for the first time four months ago, yet he has proven his talent in this short time range. He has a very professional sound and can sing perfectly on this new, futuristic style of production we are seeing in the latest SoundCloud wave. In “Think Twice”, Sanfazos flies on the super fire beat produced by GFELDS as he raps of whipping Hellcats and not letting anyone get in his way. We are eager to see what Sanfazos has planned next and will keep y’all in the loop. For now, tap into “Think Twice” below.


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