Here’s Seven New Waves To Listen To


Back again, barrelling through the hills of despair searching for another break from monotony. Alas, here is some shit that I’ve stumbled upon of sheer brilliance and nothing less could ever be thought of my opinion. Some would say that this is an incredibly arrogant outlook on things, but I say this is fucking Daily Chiefers and we don’t like to play by your rules. Enjoy the gas below and we’ll talk to you soon.

nöel – 333

nöel is truly one of those acts that will be around for a long time. Whether it be from his own vocals or penning work for rising artists alike, his smokey tone wins over our ears every time. On “333” produced by simply Luka, we don’t hear a ton of overbearing production until the latter of the cut. nöel shines on his exes that let him go a bit too early and this one establishes his spot in the argument. Truly a slept on cut, so wake up above.

Guy – It Is What It Is

We’ve posted some Guy before, but in these visuals for “It Is What It Is” we get to see what this young man is all about. The frames are powerful to match the already aggressive production accompanied. Guy‘s cadence meshes with the layer of percussion nearly perfectly allowing a distinct pocket to protrude into our ears. Directed by Instaconman and The Munson Burner, these rural shots blended with some of the high life showcase a full spectrum video. Guy‘s songwriting is top-tier and it’s only going to get better, stream this shit above.

Dimi – Ready

Dimi is a shining star coming out of Albany. From his direction with clothing to his music alike, you can tell that he is a true creative. And in these brief, yet brilliant visuals for “Ready” he takes drill and flips that shit upside down. A huge thing in rap is tweaking the formula for what happens to work for you. Yes, a lot of these shots and styles have been done before, but who is doing it the best. With that being said, Dimi and the rest of the Glocks aren’t letting up soon, so peep this one above.

Grandace – French Vanilla EP

Grandace makes very mellow music to accent whatever mood you’re already in. A true musician who wants to express his emotion through art, all while avoiding the clout chasing antics of the pack. “Chanel and Rice” is probably my favorite of the four cuts because it’s soft and ambient. The instrumentation grows into an abstract feeling that you don’t hear often nowadays or fucking ever. Ace is marching to his own beat, don’t miss this.

Jimmy Bolt – Yex

Jimmy Bolt is a newcomer on my radar, but “YEX” is an infectious set of sounds and frames that I’m not too sure why I enjoy. There is a talent here of course, but it’s another great example of the formula. Countless acts have seen this work before them. Gorgeous women shaking ass, jewelry, and slow-motion. I think that the reason it works for Jimmy is the mood. It’s light-hearted but still shows he’s not playing around about this shit. Overall this one slaps, so tap in above.

Flee – Kim Possible

Flee is one of the best coming out of NYC, but he doesn’t get swept away in the fads. Linking up with the budding maestro Evil Giane, we see the Queens crooner in a secluded setting directed by The Digggers. Donning the full Bape fit, Flee stays calm and collected, per usual. The mellow, baritone waves layer incredibly well below the altered sample. Hopefully, we’ll see some more collaboration between these two in the future, but until the next, peep this one above.

SoloSam – Traffic Jam

SoloSam has a timeless classic on his hands with “Traffic Jam” and with each release, he moves us more. In these frames we see Sam stranded in a metaphorical jam of sorts, but taking in the rural landscape. He doesn’t fret as to why it’s like this, instead finding peace with the quiet times. Chicago usually breeds another style, but nonetheless, Sam is paving his own respective lane. Ayo Okesanya handled the direction and edits, while David Hughes Jr. assisted with some color photography direction. Creativity consistently flows from this man’s mind, introduce yourself to his brilliance above.


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