Groupthink Is The New Ketamine, Peep His EP “Guilty Pleasure”


Groupthink is going to be a household name because he’s playing the game right. This Chicago-bred soul is now brimming with buzz and it’s all because of how unique the music is. “Guilty Pleasure” built heavy momentum on Tiktok and about the world alike, which was really my first introduction. But it was “Me and Your Boyfriend” that truly won me over.

That song before the video’s release seemingly had no ceiling to me. It’s infectious, boisterous, and provocative, it gets the people going. Then you drop the visuals and boom it’s a wrap. You know this isn’t to sell “Sex Is A Sport” short by any means and this is a wild euro-step of cuts at this level. You know we try to be early on these things, but it’s not gonna take very long until you see this young man everywhere. May it be on a stage with Kenny Hoopla, or on the cover of Anti-pop, but you’ll understand it all very soon.


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