Rebel Mafia Global Finally Drops “Lights Out” Music Video


If you aren’t hip, now is your chance to be. Rebel Mafia is one of the hottest groups coming out of Boston and they proved that with this video. On dawgs, I haven’t heard a song this tough from any artist out of Boston this year alone. Embodying that gritty east coast sound they’ve mastered it and that’s on full display from each artist on this track.

Going from Big Super to Messy Money Sav, to Ken Frank, to Rugby Lo Sport and last but certainly not least Kye Bills. We get to hear them all match each other’s energy and the song gets better with each bar. With that being said it’s important to note that the video was also filmed and edited by Rebel Mafia’s own Brandon James. Really I just don’t have any more words to say about this video/ song, all I’m gonna say is that Rebel Mafia’s time is now so tune in.  



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