Hardrock Makes A Statement With New Project “808 Speaker Knockerz”


I’m not gonna lie to you guys, Hardrock might be one of my favorite artists out right now. The young Atlanta rapper has dropped one of my favorite projects of 2022. 808 Speaker Knockerz is a heavy-hitter, and I’m here to tell you why you shouldn’t hesitate to add it to your playlist.

808 Speaker Knockerz is a compilation of tracks that really highlight Hardrock‘s different sonic abilities, especially his versatility. Every song projects a different sound, yet every song is a hit. Hardrock is flawless in every aspect of his delivery, flow, and lyricism. Production on this project is also amazing. Each song will completely encapsulate you with it’s production, and I love Hardrock‘s beat selection. Some of my standouts were “Don’t GAF”, “Early Trappin”, and “In The End”. My absolute favorite of the entire project was “God’s Hand”, a complete banger. Tap in with Hardrock now, because he’s going to be blowing up very soon, and trust me you’ll wanna be there to witness his journey. I’ve linked 808 Speaker Knockerz down below, enjoy!


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