Hardrock Solidifies Himself with “SLATTYDON”


incase you haven’t noticed yet, Hardrock has quickly become one of the biggest names in the underground to date. With staple records like “Hardcore Drugs” and “God’s Hands” going absolutely crazy this year, rumors have quickly caught like wildfire that the young phenom may have since signed to Playboi Carti’s label, Opium. Whether or not that is true, his music is undeniably fire and easily stands out in a unique way. With absolutely zero skips in his discography so far, he just recently dropped off another crazy EP that has arguable one of the most diverse sounds he’s offered thus far— SLATTYDON.

The intro “feel alive” sets the tone perfectly for what you can expect from this EP. Grungy bass notes mixed together with a wicked punk rock sample— this track is an all-around smash. Transitioning perfectly into another highlight record, “Madmax,” Hardrock turns up the speed bringing out quick punchy flows that glide over the beat with slick confidence. It’s honestly a surprise to me that Hardrock isn’t way more mainstream given the quality of everything he drops off. The rest of the tape is no different— “juh can’t” and “separation” are two more highlight records, but to be honest you can really roll the dice and know that your in for a ride with whatever track you play. 

I can’t wait to continue watching Hardrock’s career unfold. His style is just so unique compared to a lot of the other stuff coming out of the underground right now, he really deserves to shine. If you haven’t listened to SLATTYDON yet, do yourself a favor and take 15 minutes to listen below.


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