YungRealPhil Avoids Being Complicated With “Mr. Keep It Simple”


2022 continues to be a breakout year for the emerging Connecticut rapper RealYungPhilAfter the release of the frenetic energy of Dr.Phivinci earlier this year, Phil transfers his laid-back, plainspoken style to a soundscape to a more somber, simplistic soundscape with Mr. Make It Look Simple

Accompanied by 1660j, BoofPaxkMooky, and Slimesito, Mr. Make It Look Simple matches the effortless demeanor RealYungPhil’s chill presence demands. Behind creative sample flips, every line, every element in this album is where it is because it’s supposed to be there. Whether from feeling “imma just call this song the intro,” he raps on the “Intro” or to doing what is enjoyable to him, “You thought it was work, but I’m having fun.” There’s no need to overthink the formula when the music is good. 


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