Heath240 Returns With Another Pristine Set Of Frames For His Single “Hialeah”


Heath is one of those names who deserve to have the limelight shining on him and his talents. With “Ayudame” we saw how creative this young man can be from both an auditory and visual standpoint. This time around it’s nothing different as far as the formula goes, but “Hialeah” is another shade of what Heath can do with his art.

The melodies and harmonious elements are both a bit unconventional, as far as modern music standards go, but that’s really a good thing. With direction from Mike & Matt Moloney, we see Heath and his lady take a gentle ride through FL in the back of a pickup truck. The gentle tones mesh incredibly well with the soft colors portrayed in the shots. The composition of the entire scene is important to this team of creatives and the attention to detail is astounding.

Heath will continue to push the boundaries of his talent to the next level and it’s really only a matter of time until the world is really hip to the flavors. Do yourself a favor and get acquainted to all of the gas below.


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