She Loves Boon Is Back Again With “Punk Rock”


Boon has been dropping consistently and with every release, it really seems like he’s making strides to become a star. “Feel The Feeling” was a vibrant pop record that Boon gifted the world a few weeks back, but “Punk Rock” has a bit more attitude.

With production from loe4t and Hadji Gaviota and direction from Adam Ginsburg of Goodstuff BK, this powerful trio seems to come up with some heat every time they drop. The sound is always futuristic and never strays even close to what the midsy competition is cooking up. With some clean edits from quivko as well, this set of scenes is a special look from start to finish.

The album Emotional Trap is coming at the top of September, and another release before then, She Loves Boon has built a stellar grassroots fan base. Every cut is refreshing and doesn’t ever dwindle when it comes to creativity. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss this plane because it’s taking off soon.


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