Here’s Some Dope Shit I Found On Twitter


If you’ve been a fan of Chiefers for a lengthy time, then you probably remember our Here’s Some Dope Shit I Found On SoundCloud segment where I use to dig through my favorites on the streaming platform in a weekly post to support all the dope shit that was going on in that era. Since then, the music world has turned into a streaming giant, choosing platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music almost causing SoundCloud to go into cardiac arrest. But thankfully, we’re here to save the day.

A few days back, I asked our Twitter followers to throw their best shot. And trust me, there was more than enough fire to go around. With help from my dogs Jake and Colt, we’ve came up with the best submissions from the Twitter replies and it’s looking like we’re going to have future Chiefers posts from these cats. Tap in below.

RSHN – Fixed Mirrors

GETLOOT – Sabrage

Myazwe – Who Dat Is?

Cure feat. GasGang Youngin & G2 Genesis

King Tahoe – 10 Summers


BABYACE – Hold It Down

Shaolin the Temple – Lo Mein

Kamau Jahad – Sorry, Ok

1Pump – OTC

Kid Joi – Lover

Pangeaux – This 4 All My Females

Ron Obasi – Sun Tapes

SkizzyBoy – Say U Real


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