Benji Blue Bills Unleashes His Lavish New Visuals For “Delete”


Benji is a Chiefers veteran, but this one is something incredibly special. Those who have it, understand it and those who don’t are left behind. In the storm Benji Blue Bills stays consistent and “Delete” is another stellar reminder of this. Flaunting the life he’s built for himself, the energy that flows through these frames are what intrigue the viewer.

With direction and edits from Turtle.Mov, we see this pristine setting in the hills. Smoke is in the air, money is stacked and abundant as ever, so this is that quintessential type of rap video. Don’t fix what’s broken, because this formula works just fine for Benji. This is one of the eight cuts off Benji‘s latest EP Blue. Stream that in it’s entirety and tap into this heat below.


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