Detroit’s Lex Lander Gifts The World A Stellar New Demo Entitled “Strip”


Lex Lander is one of those names that the world will be hearing a lot of in the next few years. Not only is his voice stellar but his pen makes him a killer. Linking with the young visionaries Rossi Blue and Cheer Captain for “Strip”, this family affair is sounding like much more than a rough draft demo.

The melodic layering atop the aerated synths that fill the brisk air take you to another world. The subject matter speaks on a love that isn’t around any longer, but Lex has moved on to the better. This is more like an uptempo ballad because of the procured emotion that one can’t help but hear when listening. Yet another member of Material Girl that is a soon to be star and this is one of six demos from itgetsbetterthanthis. Peep this heat in it’s entirety below and we’ll talk to you soon.


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