Undiscovered Gems: Here’s Four New Songs That You Must Hear


Once again, we find ourselves amidst turmoil within our country, but with that pain and angst comes perseverance and great music. Enter our candidates for today’s Undiscovered Gems.

As you can expect, we receive a lengthy amount of submissions. Within that bunch, we have decided to focus our efforts on promoting the best picked items from this week/month rather than focus on daily music efforts. One thing I can say about these four songs and videos is that each release features it’s own unique energy. On Raw‘s “K2 Geekin” record you get “pure Florida.” It’s gritty and filled with raw energy.

SoFaygo and Lil Mosey both bring in the melodious energy, combining hard 808’s and a beautiful loop to create a spacious, and extremely large soundscape that will make 2020 ending even better than it already is.

Last but not least, we have LBS and 2KBABY‘s collaboration for their “Conceited” single, which features the two at their local skate park. The painful expressions on both 2KBABY and LBS Kee’vin really come together nicely on the aforementioned record, further proving these two Souther rap stars are destined for great things in 2021. Tap in with all four below. You’re welcome.

Raw Youngin – K2 Geekin

SoFaygo – Controlling

Lil Mosey – Jumpin Out The Face

LBS Kee’vin – Conceited feat. 2KBABY


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