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Lil Mosey Celebrates His Birthday With A New Single, “Holy Water”

Photo by Sophie. Lil Mosey is surely known for his ability to make a hit. But in this day and age, it takes more than one hit to keep a career fluid. One thing about Mosey‘s career is that he’s…

Undiscovered Gems: Here’s Four New Songs That You Must Hear

Once again, we find ourselves amidst turmoil within our country, but with that pain and angst comes perseverance and great music. Enter our candidates for today’s Undiscovered Gems. As you can expect, we receive a lengthy amount of submissions. Within…

Daily Chiefers Presents: Top Projects of the Week

With the year winding down, it looks like things are going to slow down until the holidays hit, but that doesn’t mean we’re slowing down. While that seems to be the case, good music is always making its way to…

Ho Ho Holy Shit! Lil Mosey Gifts New Track In “K For Christmas”

Lil Mosey may still be a kid at 16, but this season he is the one doing the giving as he drops this entertaining tracks to set a positive vibe for this holiday season.

Lil Mosey Drops Unreleased Original Demo Version Of “Noticed”

Recently Lil Mosey¬†has been plastered all over hip-hop channels as well as Billboard Top 100 with the release of his latest single, “Noticed”.