Here’s Some More Dope Shit We Found On SoundCloud Vol. 3


What’s up you wenches, back at your heads again with some more gas from SoundCloud. This shit is truly one of the most important pieces of the musical ecosystem because it allows the artists to drop whenever they please. And let’s be real there’s a lot of dweebs in this industry and they love to search for the cookie-cutter bullshit. Fuck your research Randall, how many of you can pick them early off the feeling. Music is about development and adapting to the waves that flood the current streams.

Over here we love the rugged, slurred flows that reign in Plugg&B, but sometimes I wanna listen to some house-inspired hyperpop. My point is we lookout for the real musicians who are going straight to their fans. SoundCloud is essentially the wild west and we vouch for its brilliance every time. Below you’ll find gas from Bluespace, Isai Morales, Devin Burgess, RealYungPhil, Starboi Gabe, CP, Eden Willow, Texaco Cam, Kobelocks, Yukibeb 2.1 and Tobilla. The world is a fucking mess, our days are numbered, so do yourself a favor, suck my balls and peep the gas below.

Bluespace – Dudgeon Dragon

Starboi Gabe – Divine Intervention

CP – Bad Habits

Isai Morales – Palomas (Produced By Devin Burgess)

RealYungPhil – Wassup

Eden Willow – Stupidhead

Tobilla Featuring ayelookitsbrady & Vee – That’s Crazy

Yukibeb 2.1 – 3am interlude

Kobelocks – Hunna

Texaco Cam – Expensive Habits


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