Find Your Balance, Then Run It Up


This past year has been one of the most challenging of my life. Not saying shit is that difficult in the grand scheme of things, but a mentally trying 365 is a basic way of putting it. Though, I do look back and see the growth of how much I’ve developed. My mentors/friends have shined a light on my potential and it even showed me what I am truly capable of. Whether I’m an ear, a visionary or just some kid who rips dabs and finds great music, I still learn new things every single day I inhabit this earth. And here’s a little tip for the kids or even adults who are having a tough time in this world. Nobody knows what the fuck is going on anymore, it’s just about enjoying the human experience and passing on love. I had no idea how to play this game until a few months ago, but now some clarity is flying into my peripherals. Keep shooting the ball, keep taking those reps and be coachable. Get right with whatever you believe in spiritually and find that peace. After you do that, it’s wash, rinse and repeat until you meet your goals. This isn’t rocket science and shit with an Addy we could figure out that world too. Until the next excerpt from my life, behave yourselves and be as great as you ever could be.

Swoosh God – DWIW

Swoosh God‘s “Swoosh Me Up” was the song I listened to right after passing my Real estate exam in 2018 and ever since then I have always peeped his efforts. “DWIW” is indeed yet another stellar cut in Swoosh’s catalog. These visuals are VHS inspired but send you off with mind-bending edits of the current millennium. The mood is undeniable and the wave is always ahead of the curve. Don’t sleep on Swoosh God, he’s always onto something.

Lily Rayne – 1 Of 1

Lily Rayne is quite literally a “1 Of 1”. Her tone is so subtly soothing, it struts in a precise manner atop production from WOLFE DE MCHLS. She states that “Everybody thinks I’m crazy, but I think you’re all the same.” A powerful message strung together among intoxicating vocals. This showcases that Miss Rayne is a strong example of the next generation of artists. Unrelenting confidence and an authentic approach to music is what drew us in, so you can tell this music is real. Put Lily on your radar, you won’t be disappointed.

Diiiiiesel – Ghost Now

I love when we witness improvements in such a quick period of time and diiiiiesel is a great example of that. This Illinois-bred artist was on our pages in 2020 and he makes his illustrious return in the form of an EP. Ghost Now is made up of three poignant cuts each boasting his illustrious production. It’s really like a different variation of Plugg&B mixed with hyperpop. His songwriting has developed and you can hear confidence you hadn’t heard before this project. All of these slap, but a personal favorite is “exxtra” because those plucks are unreal, so tap in with this young man above.

Midwest Milly – Hidden Hills

Milly is an Ohio legend already but his newest EP Hidden Hills is something serious to propel him to another level. Building momentum off of collaborations with Icewear Vezzo and EST Gee, Milly sets himself apart from the usual street artist. He lives these raps and earns the respect of the scene because of the genuine musical approach. In just six brief cuts we hear this guy destroy all doubt that he isn’t on the way to bigger notoriety. “Pressure” closes things out in such a brilliantly brash fashion, the listener can’t help but fiend for another fix. Until he drops again, tap in with Milly above.

Travy Nostra – Gwagon

Travy is back on our site with his new visuals for “Gwagon” and let’s be real, this dude never disappoints. His infectious DMV styling doesn’t utilize a punch-in approach, but regardless still shits on a lot of the weak music we hear. MX handled the visuals, framing Nostra in the woods ducked off from the drama. We hear a lot of music that doesn’t move us too much, but sometimes a gem slips through and hits heavy. We elevate these waves we love and this cut is one of them. Get hip to Travy Nostra above.


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