Homixide Gang Debut Their Long Awaited Visuals for “55 Lifestyle”


Homixide Gang is a hip-hop duo out of Atlanta, Georgia that fuses street and trap rap together in their music. The members are Homixide Beno! and Homixide Meechie. Their vocals and lyrics are gritty but their beat selection is out of this world. Homixide Gang’s production consists of booming 808’s and dark synths perfect for any antagonist’s theme music. Homixide Gang is also rumored to be affiliated with Playboi Carti. Carti has attended a few of their shows and brought them out on his recent tours. He’s even lent them elements of what made Whole Lotta of Red so great by way of working with hot emerging producers such as F1lthy, Jonah Abraham, Gab3, and more. 

F1lthy, Jonah Abraham, and Lukrative offered thrillingly ominous synth production for this particular track, which comes from Homixide Gang‘s Snotty World (Deluxe) project that has bangers across the board. The Homixide Gang members also provided fire flows and didn’t get swallowed by the production as many artists would. In terms of visuals, the hazy black and white color palette and glitchy screen edits within the music video helped convey the menacing nature of the track. Check out the visuals for Homixide Gang’s “55 Lifestyle” below.


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