Illusion Hills Gift Us Their New Single “Genesis” Featuring Buppy


Collectives will always be an important part of music just off the sheer strength of collaboration. Working with other creatives pushes you to not only stay on your toes with your passions but also opens your eyes to a new approach of curating art. Whether it’s from a mere opinion or a cut and dry contributing factor, these groupings of ideas usually churn out some pretty wicked results. In today’s case, we are talking about Illusion Hills’ new cut “Genesis”. This one features a rising talent named Buppy, whom you will grow more familiar with over the upcoming months.

So this cut is 5 minutes long, but it is a great break from the usual madness of two-minute songs. There’s a bit of pop, punk, indie, and folk all combined in here, so the melding of genres might be a lot initially. Though this is the beauty of art, there are no rules or guidelines. Only what the traditionalists have brought to the table, but we kindly through those to the wayside. “Genesis” feels like a coming-of-age story and how difficult it is growing up in these tumultuous times. Do yourself a favor and take the plunge into this one below.


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