Hoodbaby Peppa Shows His Versatility On “Supposed To”


With a handful of stellar singles under his belt, Hoodbaby Peppa has emerged as one of the hottest upcoming artists in Toronto. The teenage rapper spent 2020 building anticipation for his debut mixtape with one-off releases, and his output is more impressive when you consider that none of his songs sound remotely alike. “Medication” is woozy and off-kilter, “Dead” is synth-heavy and moshpit friendly, “Most Hated” is earnest and reflective, etc.

Peppa’s latest single “Supposed To” adds yet another style to his repertoire. Over an uptempo Sabzi beat, Peppa two-steps his way through a multi-part chorus that toes the line between playful and paranoid, generating momentum without breaking a sweat. Watch the King Bee-directed video below.


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