Isai Morales Delivers His Powerful New Project Entitled “EL Lokote”


Photo By Annie Noelker.

Isai is a true musician. His humility doesn’t necessarily mesh with the immense level of talent he provides, but that’s a good thing. Marching to the beat of his own drum, with a high-hat roll and some layered synths, EL LOKOTE turned out to be a moving set of waves. Morales has a very distinct sound, but he refines it with each release, keeping our pallets refreshed.

These song titles always reflect something meaningful in Isai‘s world. The lead single “Pancho” was a tale of his uncle and how he moved in these unrelenting streets. With features from Jess Gallo, Novakeng and Zola182, this family affair showcases how much these artists mean to the bigger picture. Morales only works with those who are not only incredibly talented, but the collaboration has to make sense for the fluidity of the project.

The true standout of the project is “No Tepreocupes” which features production from both Kellbender and John Luther. This uptempo pacing, along with Isai‘s soothing tone and tender songwriting makes for a smash. This man isn’t afraid to push the limits and essentially challenge his own comfort zone. And without this sort of approach, the music wouldn’t translate in such a freeing feeling. Overall Isai Morales is and has been making timeless music, so who the fuck cares when the world catches on, because he’s gonna keep going. Peep the gas below.


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