Hook Is Making Her Own Sound & Her Own Rules, Check Her New Project Called “Crashed My Car”


Hook has been on fire over the past few months and her new project with Nedarb entitled Crashed My Car only solidifies her buzz. Her unhinged, intoxicating flows don’t play by rules or sound conventional by any means. This is a no-frills project with an abundance of attitude throughout each of these ten tracks.

This effort is gas because it’s an authentic artist who doesn’t apologize for being herself. She hasn’t gotten her notoriety from changing up and chasing someone else’s wave. The glo has been curated by a genuine connection in between Hook and her listeners. Ned provides a wide-variety of production but “Fall In Luh”, “Onion” with CaptainCrunch and “Yes Man” all stick out to my ear the most.

“Onion” has a absolutely bananas guest verse from Almighty Suspect, which only adds to this opus’ overall madness. Then rounding third, we get exactly what we need from Zach Fox on the Bay-area anthem, title track. Overall this is a great project to delve into, from an artist who doesn’t seem to give a fuck. Hook and Nedard snapped, so tap into the chaos below.


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