Hoosh Melancholy New Cut “22 Solace” Explores The Root of All Evil


With newfound money, Hoosh‘s new song “22 Solace” details the downfalls of paper chasing. On the track, the Miami/Sudan-raised rapper explores the perils of excessive drug use and disappointing relationships that all stem from the money he’s earned.

“Blazing all occasions my addiction’s on the rise I don’t see the bullshit cause I slanted out my eyes Solo with this solo I think soda will be fine Swear that if I hit the streets tonight that I’ma find something,” he explains on the new cut.

“22 Solace” stylistically deviates from Hoosh‘s recent work with its choppy tempo and faster-paced instrumental.  However, the new record contrasts his slower cuts like “jorja” and “vice city” from his album everything’s going to be alright. Check it out.


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