Hotboii’s “Police Brutality” Reflects A Brutal Truth For The World


Hotboii has had one of the meteoric rises of the past year. He burst onto the scene with his album “Kut Da Fan On” in May and it showcased his emotional depths and pure rapping ability. He was able to blend the two like few others working on the scene right now.

He’s back with another song in that vein, titled “Police Brutality.” The song gracefully touches on an issue that has been plaguing this country for years. Dedicated to Salaythis Melvin, an Orange County man who was gunned down by the police in August. “I can’t let no officer be the reason I’m not breathing,” Hotboii raps.

Proving he has numerous styles and subject matters to touch on, this kid is solidifying a spot in this industry. We say this a lot, but Hotboii really is a cut above the rest. 2020 has been a warm up for him, but 2021 will be his year, there’s no doubt.


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