Undiscovered Gems: Natenumbaeight Can Truly Do It All


People seem to forget that the underlying basis for music is entertainment. We want to be whisked away from our troubles and pleasantly distracted from the boring monotony that drives through our days. That shit doesn’t happen to me though because I’m ripping this rig until my loins float throughout my home, but I do love when rappers keep things light. Natenumbaeight is a brilliant personality who has seemingly gone viral constantly over the past 12 months. His memes and raps have paired in such a manner that the bars often showcase the comedic side of his mind.

With cuts such as the classic “onelegfreestyle”, “onearmfreestyle” and a personal favorite “buttadawgfreestyle“, we hear this Florida-native drop off his unrelenting flow. It’s almost as wonderfully chaotic as early Basedgod sound, but with the southern twist and no weird foot fetish.

Nate is social media genius, moving in a manner that is true to himself, but still allowing to world to geek out in the meantime. He’s a part of the producer collective, Percoholics and he uploads beats to his Youtube pretty regularly. I think what makes people follow Nate is his humor and ability to come up with relevant content incredibly fast. In the age of the shortest attention spans to date, this guy keeps us laughing and glued to the screen. We’ve added some of our favorites from Nate below, so tap into the gas and we’ll talk to you soon.


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