Hyperpop’s Standout Star blackwinterwells Drops The Visuals For “darkkmagician”


blackwinterwells has become one of hyper pop’s most interesting faces. With their unique blend of emo and glitchy production, they are defining the landscape on their terms. “darkkmagician” is no different in that regard and is just an addicting listen. The airy lead vocals get washed into the mix in a haunting fashion, emphasizing the anguish they are going through. The change-up on the latter half of the record kept me on the edge of my seat, while the sped-up production changed the whole vibe. 

Paired with the record is a raw visual of blackwinterwells in the foliage and around some train tracks. I often enjoy videos like this because it shows the DIY integrity of the artist. Ultimately, this adds the raw feeling that drives much of this genre and generation of musicians. The edits on the video keep it fresh, and there is never a dull moment! Check out “darkkmagician” below. 


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