Iayze Reaches For Greatness With His New Project “Virtuous”


Upcoming artist Iayze reaches for greatness with his latest project, Virtuous. Covering the “C’mere!” video right when that came out it was only a month ago and since then he has taken off into a new league. Being one of the most consistent artists, it seems like he doesn’t need to put out much music, but because he did we now see the success that comes from it.

Giving us eleven songs on this project we only get one featured artist and that is Summrs. While every song has its own story and sound, we can’t overlook the viral one “556 (Green Tip)”. Going absolutely crazy on Tik Tok has helped the track but let’s be honest, this is the first of many viral songs from the young underground star. Standing out by using his voice differently than anyone else the future looks bright. With that being said Iayze is going to have a huge 2022 and this is just the beginning.


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