ICYMI: Kasauno Dropped Off A Sick New EP Entitled “Quite Awhile”


What I look for in an artist is uniqueness, along with strong awareness for what the modern ear appreciates. Beat selection is a huge aspect of the game as well because only so much momentum can be created without instrumentation. Kasauno shares time between Cincinnati and Atlanta currently, utilizing each regions inspiration for his music. In just seven cuts we hear the many shades of this young artist, a top some stellar production as well.

His voice is unlike the rest of the pack and you’ll be able to tell it’s him whenever he blesses the booth. The vocals are pieced together brilliantly, especially with the blended aspect into the beat. “Peter Popöff” is rugged, but builds with a memorable set of melodies. “Yurr” takes us on an intoxicated ride through the skies, followed by the true standout out “DejaVü Demons”. “Born B4” features 24mm and rounds out to a very mellow wave. With production from C.ZAR, NITSIRT, Brandon Thomas, DaveDolla, Dray Levins and JoshKTA, there’s a taste of whatever you like on this one.

This kid doesn’t sound like any one just off the tone of his voice. There is some serious talent and brewing potential. As time passes we think the art will expand and refine itself transforming into a truly special finality. We’ll keep you updated on the waves, but until the next one tap in below.


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