Travel Fund Has A Stellar Set Of Waves For Your Summer Months With His Newest EP “You Will Be Good”


Photo By Annie Noelker.

When artists drop work that only includes a handful of songs, they’re essentially raising their own stakes. You better gift the world with some serious heat because the average attention span of listeners grows shorter by the day. I am thoroughly impressed with this new found sound from Travel Fund F.K.A. 1800Nervous A.K.A. Oprah Mollywater, it builds off a variety of elements from numerous genres.

In just four songs we hear shades of passion, love, pain and stressors of life all melded into an auditory cauldron. “Backdrop” starts things off with an alternative styling full of warmth, but to the untrained ear it may come off as lazy. The rich melancholy that he brings to the microphone plays with our emotions. It’s like he’s yearning for the happiness, but distractions in his head make the task a difficult one.

“Rewind” is the standout off this EP because of the incredibly catchy melodies atop a complex groove. Nervous’ creates a nice little pocket for himself and it doesn’t sound like anything he does is forced. On “I Don’t Want to Let Go of You”, you can feel the love through the percussion and his aerated tone. It’s hypnotizing and takes you to a time when cocaine turned everyone’s septum into a deviated one.

This is a solid piece of work that needs to have a light shined on it. Travel Fund or whatever you want to call him is crafting a wave unlike any other. This soft-spoken genius will flourish into something greater, even though he’s already providing a top-tier sound. Do yourself a favor and dive into You Will Be Good below.


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