ICYMI: Pay Attention To CEO Trayle And His Video For The Hit “OK Cool”


So this one made it’s rounds on the timeline and caught some viral momentum. Though, just because it had a viral moment doesn’t mean there isn’t an abundance of talent there. CEO Trayle speaks to the streets, now this isn’t something that I’m personally familiar with, but you can recognize ruggedness regardless of where you’re from. The subject matter is unforgiving and arrogant, but that’s what a lot of rap fans fiend for. With direction from Lawrence Mahone, these frames are a stellar blend of vividness and grim moods.

I see the duality of this man when he speaks on his women not being better than an specific opioid. Then on the other side of the coin Trayle touches on his woman cheating on him and he didn’t have any way of dealing with it. You hear the good, bad and the ugly on this one, but what is the strongest is the honesty. To say that this isn’t a well thought out record would be incredibly disrespectful, it’s just another evolution of music. Trayle is making some plays out here peep his project here, and this gas below.


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