IGWE AKA Is A Name You Need To Know, Peep His New Video For “Omarion”


When you pay attention to the timeline, gems will float across it with ease. Today the subject is IGWE AKA and his infectious set of frames for “Omarion”. Produced by Bryvn, the enticing production pushes your cranium to the edge of it’s seat. The 808 slaps the tempo into a different realm, hypnotizing our eyes and ears. IGWE‘s voice is a stellar accent to all of the off-kilter percussion.

His auditory tempo allows us to follow without slipping up in any manner. Yes, this isn’t the most fundamental of sounds, but it’s more fun and electric than that old bullshit anyway. This is music you can spazz out to and put some smoke in the air, so some will get it, while others won’t. This is off his upcoming EP, Cursed In Dior, so the world will soon be gifted with more magic. Be good, fuck the government and get acquainted below.


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