Undiscovered Gems: Introduce Yourself To Atlanta’s Ample K And His Soon To Be Smash Called “Magic”


Ample K is yet another rising star coming out of Atlanta and his newest effort “Magic” is full of an uncommon electric bounce. This is my first encounter with this guy’s wave, but it’s incredibly refreshing and brims with light. Building around the infectious synthetic patterns, Ample crafts a stellar lane to float in. That Guy Veezy snapped from behind the boards, as well as his verse, adding layers of power to the already stacked cut. The blends of percussion and melody alike, gifts their vocals with a rich auditory pocket, making this cut one to remember.

We love to hear artists who are up and comers already sounding like veterans. To be ahead of the curve it takes believing in your art, but knowing how to push it further. This is just the beginning from Ample K, pay attention to the cut below.


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