Exclusive: Roadrunner Savy Drops Off His Brand New Set Of Visuals For The Cut “Crashed Out”


If you’re from Cincinnati, you should be all the way tapped into the movement the Roadrunners have been at the forefront of. Both TB and Savy have their own respective lanes they’re paving, but each has its unique spin. Today, we’re here to highlight the talents of Roadrunner Savy and his newest set of visuals for “Crashed Out.”

“I filmed the video in the middle of my neighborhood on the 4th of July, while also putting together a ‘Stop the Violence’ picnic for the kids.” Savy wants to put on for his neighborhood showing that you can rise above the trials of the streets. “I made this song by simply finding a vibe and rapping. I freestyle everything so all I need is a beat and good vibes.” You can tell it’s about the raw emotion with Savy’s music, he wants the listener to pick up on the contagious energy created.

This man has a long career ahead of him along with the support of his city, so it’s only a matter of time before the world catches on. Peep the gas on our Youtube below and we’ll check back in soon.


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