It’s About Time The World Gets Hip To Budding Artist, 33° 84°, And Her New Single “Too Crazy”


It’s a beautiful thing when out of the blue a polarizing artist grasps our attention. It might be hard to imagine but every couple of, what seems like weeks now, a new artist spurs into the spotlight. Today we’re here to speak about the talents of 33° 84°.

These coordinates take you to Atlanta, where she was born and raised. Though, her sound isn’t something that we’ve heard thus far coming out of that region of the country. As she paired with producer, MTRSPRT for the infectious cut “Too Crazy,” we hear this young crooner exude soothing ambiance. Aside from the brilliant melodies, you do feel an honest pain in the delivery, which is accented by the dramatic patterns of the percussion.

I’d highly suggest diving head first into 33° 84°’s Soundcloud, you will be blown away by the sheer consistency. A true diamond in the rough waiting for the world to discover her sound. Until we meet again good Chiefers family, I bid thee a adieu and peep thine gas below.


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