South Carolina’s Pyrex Pryce Is Back With A Potent, New Cut Simply Entitled “2x”


This kid Pyrex Pryce has some serious star power and his potential will soon flourish into even more talent. His sound is already so fine-tuned, adding these illustrious drops to his catalog will only strengthen his argument. Today he returns to our pages with “2x” which featured production from Timeline and G1.

This bellowing set of bass and percussion sets the scene for Pryce to do his usual shining work. His singing invites the ear to follow about the beat, then delve into his vocals on top. This song is really a dedication to how far Pyrex has come in such a short time, rising above the trials of his life. It will be interesting to see how this kid and his team try to overcome these upcoming months, but the music is undoubtedly there. Don’t be stupid and peep this cut right under here.


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