I’ve Been Fiending For “chloe” By Skaiwater And Xlovclo And It’s Finally Here


IT’S FINALLY FUCKING HERE. Ever since xlovclo teased the snippet on her story a couple of weeks back, I’ve been impatiently waiting for a collab from easily two of the underground’s most promising artists right now. “chloe” is the newest installment in a prolific run from the UK native that’s seen him really hone in on his sound and finally get the recognition he deserves.

skai and clo work perfectly together over a melancholy instrumental from Daniel Hartzog, Rafmade and skai himself. The beat features skai‘s trademark Philly club drum break with some cool snares (I think, skai tell me if I’m wrong) underlaying it. This break has become part of the reason why tracks like “#miles” and “eyes” have exploded on Soundcloud and Tik Tok.

Check out the track below!


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