Cherele Is Florida’s Newest Sensation, Get Hip To Her Project “Nostalgia Is Dead”


I love this kind of energy from rising artists because too many times do acts try to bask in the safeness of nostalgia. This assumes that the people would share the same memories to translate into a better listening experience, but a fresh start with an untouched sound is my preference. Cherele does just that with her new project Nostalgia Is Dead. Nine cuts of diverse talents and shades of a real career artist coming into her own.

You can definitely hear some influence from X in her love for distortion and varietal cadences. “Hol’ Up” with Michael Artistotle is a great example of that, electrifying the sky after every bar. “Bad Habits” has a wondrous arrogance that bleeds around the bounce that Cherele creates. This woman can really bar out whenever she feels like it, but it’s so damn catchy in the meantime.

With additional appearances from Muvas Milk on the ambient bliss titled “Venus Interlude” and Micah Freeman on the final cut, “Call Me Back” these nine cuts are really something special to love. Cherele has a set at RL Miami this upcoming week so it seems like this is truly only the beginning. Do yourself a favor and peep all of the gas below.


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