Jean Dawson Gives a PSA on the Short Film, “BURNOUT”


Let me start this article with the proclamation that I listen to Pixel Bath every day. So, to say the least, I am a fan of Jean Dawson and especially the visuals. Before hearing his music, my friend Lucas shared a short visual that Jean created for Instagram talking about time and speed. I thought the message behind this video was crazy fire, and my interest peaked. Following that, I’ve been utterly floored by the quality and creativity of his cover arts, music videos, and any visual component he shares to the world. So I jumped at the bit once I realized he dropped “BURNOUT”.

Going into the video, I thought it was going to be a music video for a new track, but I was wrong. This is a self-conducted interview with advice for musicians, his fans, and anybody who needs a hand. Jean is charismatic and genuinely shows his care for art and other people. Being a Black dude who is into Shoegaze and many “non-black” things (whatever that means) I’ve felt isolated at times. I know how artists like Tyler, the Creator, and Kanye made me feel less alone, and I can see how Jean will be that person for the younger generation. 

In the video, you see Dawson talking about how he felt as an adolescent, often being misunderstood. With some of the most fire VFX I’ve seen in a minute, and the cinematography is elite, it makes the 7 minute run time feel short as fuck. I can really appreciate the vision that he is bringing to the table and look forward to what comes next; I’ll still be bumping Pixel Bath in the meantime.


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