Jelani Imani Experiments With Neo-Soul On His 3 Mo! EP


Jelani Imani has been making waves for the past couple of years in the Atlanta scene. Collaborations with Jazz Ingram and Kenny Mason show that he is a significant pillar in the upcoming hip-hop circuit. Jelani‘s latest release, 3 Mo!is a step in the right direction! This collab project with Mila Bucks takes influence from current alternative hip-hop, neo-soul, and straight R&B. This is the most comfortable I feel I’ve heard him on record, and with this ambitious release, I’m hooked and need more ASAP! 

The only collaborator on this whole project is Milaand with her sultry voice, I’m convinced these two should be a musical duo. On the track “A Boy/Girl Could Dream,” they show how well their energies play off one another; giving a stellar performance and is easily my favorite from the project. On the EP, the production is solely handled by Shitboiand he truly cooked up a special moment. This project is exceptionally well done, check this breath of fresh air below!


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