Tony Shhnow Releases His Fire New Project “Dis Should Hold You Over 2”


Atlanta rapper Tony Shhnow dropped his first project of the year yesterday titled Dis Should Hold U Over 2. The 20-track project showcases him floating over shimmering, minimalist production from names like Cashcache, Sensei ATL and Dylvinci, just to name a few.

Shhnow was part of the second-generation rappers of “Soundcloud rappers” that helped refuel the platform with fresh talent. The rapper first gained attention on Soundcloud thanks to his track “Look Like Da Money”, which has since garnered over 400k streams on Soundcloud alone.

Shhnow‘s notoriety has continued to grow throughout the past couple of years with his collaborations with artists like 10kDunkin, 645AR, Pollarí, ATL Smook, and Since99. As for the project, we recommend “Get Dat Check”, “FuckWitcha” and “Gary Vee”. Check out Dis Should Hold U Over 2 below!


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