Exclusive Interview: Joony Talks “Silent Battles”, Coming From Silver Spring, MD, Upcoming Project and More


Photo by Jaxon Buzzell.

Upcoming Maryland artist Joony has been making waves with his innovative sound since the release of his last project SILENT BATTLES, and he’s come a long way from rapping over J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar beats in 2013. Growing up he was a skater, and that led into alternative rock influences, which shines through in some of his earlier tracks.

“Growing up it wasn’t so much where I was from that pushed me into making music, but what I was into. I liked skating, I was a skateboarder and that led to me listening to a lot of rock and alternative growing up.”

Coming off a new single and a video with acclaimed director Lonewolf, and even cosigns from Brent Faiyaz, the budding artist has a lot of momentum coming into this new year and highly anticipated album rollout. His latest project SILENT BATTLES gained a lot of respect in the underground scene, and has definitely drawn a lot of attention for what’s to come. https://rusbank.net

“Right now I’m just clearing records for this album, and I really want to get it out as fast as possible. The Lonewolf one was a teaser to the album and the next ones gonna be a hit.”

Being an independent artist definitely has its struggles as well as its perks. One main thing commonly heard by indie artists is the need to move with a chip on their shoulder and stay ten steps ahead in order to compete, but Joony has always seemed to take things in stride and move at his own pace, which I feel is one of the main things setting him apart right now alongside the undeniable talent behind the music.

“I don’t really move with a chip on my shoulder, I just create. Brent being independent has really inspired the way I come up.”

Joony’s music has always had a way of bringing the best energy out of people, with his melodic flows and soothing production, tracks like Anytime are bound to put listeners in a trance to get lost in the music. This pairing with his trippy visuals and outgoing, yet laid back fashion sense has really combined to create a special artist in Joony, and you can really tell his music comes directly from the heart as it embodies every other aspect of the way he moves.

“Just make good music for the art. I look at it as a fan of the art, and I’m making it for the art of creating and I want other people to enjoy it for the art behind it.

With all this being said, Joony truly is a one of a kind artist, and that’s why I see the sky as the limit for him and can’t wait to see where the music goes in coming years. Make sure to check out Joony’s latest single Anytime and keep an eye out for more drops from him as he dives into the rollout for his sophomore album. 

“Every single star and icon is one of one. Micheal Jackson is one of one, Kanye West is a one of one, you really have to be yourself and be your own person to become an icon.”


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